Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nouveau parfum de LM Parfums - Ultimate Seduction, le printemps est pour une séduction

Le printemps est pour une séduction
LM Parfums Ultimate Seduction
LM Parfums a fait une surprise pour le printemps 2014. La dernière année la surprise a été Chemise Blanche, un parfum très lumineux avec des notes d’iris, de blanches fleurs et du musc sublime. Ce printemps, la surprise est Ultimate Seduction ! Un parfum très intrigant et avec l’atmosphère noir. Le fondateur de brand LM est Laurent Mazzone qui est déterminé de faire un nouveau Extrait de Parfum. Extraits des Parfums de LM ont 20% des huiles essentiels et ils sont très fort et opulent. Par exemple, Hard Leather (Extrait de Parfum) a le sillage très fort. Cette fois, l’inspiration d’Ultimate Seduction est de la folie,  de l’obsession, de la passion, de la séduction et des émotions qui sont relient avec la passion. Il sera présenté à la fin d’avril ! Nous l’attendons Laurent !
LM Parfums made a surprise for the spring 2014. The last year’s surprise was Chemise Blanche, very luminous perfume with the notes of iris, white flowers and sublime musk. This spring, the surprise is Ultimate Seduction! For now, it is very intriguing perfume with the noir atmosphere. The founder of the brand LM is Laurent Mazzone who is determined to do the new Extrait de Parfum. Extraits of Parfums of LM are around 20% of essential oils and they are very strong and opulent. For example, Hard Leather (Extrait de Parfume) has enormous sillage. This time, the inspiration for Ultimate Seduction was insanity, obsession, passion and all the emotions connected to the passion. It will be presented by the end of April.
Juraj, BL'eauOG

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ramón Monegal: Dubai Next To Me - review of Monegal's bespoke perfume

Welcome to the voyage to Arabia
Ramón Monegal Dubai Next To Me

Ramón Monegal line is consisted of many wonderful perfumes, but there is none similar to this one. This is completely new scent creation within Monegal line of perfumes and the perfume brings oriental atmosphere. It is the opportunity to smell extremely natural saffron note which is one of the most expensive essence material. It also has the sweetness traditional to oriental perfumes making it opulent and a bit decadent.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New perfume by Parfumerie Générale Grand Siècle Intense 7.1

Grand Siècle Intense with 20% of powdery freshness
Grand Siècle Intense 7.1
As being a declared fan of Pierre Guillaume, I watch closely what he does. This time he announced hesperidic/aromatic/woody/ambery/powdery perfume with 20% of essentials. He interprets bitter hesperidic accord from the Cologne Grand Siècle to the more concentrated version. It means that the perfume will be more opulent but maybe even more powdery. EDP structure offers wide range of maneuvers and usually those kinds of perfumes are more "rounded" as a whole. The perfume attracted me because it can be considered as a part of new aesthetic movement which started with Dior and their powdery accord. Probably unconsciously iris/hesperidic/powdery accord started to emerge since early 2000s as dominant aesthetics. Knowing Pierre this will be a brilliant vision - hopefully. After all, the picture represents king's Louis XIV Sun. Only the perfect perfumes were the part of his "perfumed court". "In the top notes, the citrus mosaic is dominated by the essence of bitter orange and lemon tree leaves, boosted with aromatic cypress and mint for added strength and diffusiveness. Tobacco absolute and new mown hay subtly warm the heart of the fragrance, bolstered by woody base notes of patchouli and vetiver, slightly tinged with honey and oak moss." There is no fresh perfume within PG line that is consisted of 20%, only Hyperessence Matale has 30% and those 30% are mostly green tones. We will see how he will pull out citrus/powdery fresh tones, simply can't wait!

Citrusy notes: Bergamot Bitter, Orange, Lemon leaves
Aromatic notes: Mint, Cypress
Woody notes: Patchouli, Oakmoss absolute
Ambery tones: Tobacco absolute, Hay cutting,
Powdery: Honey
Juraj, BL'eauOG


Friday, March 28, 2014

L'eau de Phaedon ; the future meets IFRA regulation

The brilliant vision of the perfumery
The new perfume by Phaedon Paris
Welcome to the future of perfumery. I need to say that I am very happy to write about this creation because it represents many things. It is the perfume that completely meets IFRA 47 regulation and is totally allergen-free. It means that L’eau de Phaedon was made under the new set of rules customized by International Fragrance Association. IFRA and EU regulations often repel popular thought about perfumes. Also, everything that comes as the result of those regulations is subject of negative critics without previous testing. L’eau de Phaedon is very beautiful creation with lots of creativity and beautiful philosophy. The perfume also represents the new aesthetics of perfume making, welcome to the unseen effect of the perfumery so far.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A glimpse into the Chanel world

Welcome to the world of exclusivity and heritage

 Espace Chanel Zagreb
 I had an honor to experience the small taste of Chanel world and I need to tell you – it is gorgeous. Everybody would like to enter the Chanel world and see how it works so I must admit I had the privilege of the few. When we talk about Chanel, many think of Coco, her provocative lifestyle and brilliant clothes but the other side of the coin is the perfume heritage that shaped the perfume making of the time. Some of the most historic perfumes ever created are part of Les Exclusifs de Chanel. Welcome to that World.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Phaedon Paris ; L'eau de Phaedon

The future of the perfumery - L'eau de Phaedon
L'eau de Phaedon - allergen-free perfume
It seems that the future of the perfumery already started. Can we say that it starts with Phaedon Paris? Who followed the news about European Union committee about consumer’s health, could notice that new regulation is about to emerge. IFRA’s regulations made quite a noise among perfume public because it is trying to change the philosophy of perfume making. It is believed that there is 3 percent of population within EU that is allergic to some raw materials in perfumes. That requires the structural change in perfume making. Some molecules will be banned and the other ones need to replace them. I have the opportunity to announce the launching of the first perfume of that kind, with no allergens at all. L’eau de Phaedon is the first of its kind. The perfume meets IFRA 47 regulation and is composed of allergen-free components. It is a step forward in perfumery and the one should know that Phaedon is orchestrated by the vision of Pierre Guillaume as well. He is a perfumer that has vision and that pushes forward the boundaries of perfumery. I told many times that he is a perfumer that won the critics of his colleagues and respect of perfume writers. L’eau de Phaedon belongs to the family of Floral-Woody-Musk perfumes which is one of the most compatible perfume families. It is also imagined to be suave cologne for the whole family. The floral opening blends white neroli and jasmine with fruity notes of yellow mandarin. Aloe vera and agave leaves add an aquatic, vegetable softness to the fragrance, which evolves towards a soft, comfortable woody musky base, for a “cocoon” effect. The composition is made of; White Neroli, Jasmine, Yellow Mandarine, Aloe Vera, Agave Leaves, Blond Woods and Musk. It is obvious that the purpose of the perfume is to bring a total new philosophy of perfume culture. It will be a perfume for everyday and every time use no matter on purpose and occasion. The perfume based on aloe vera can bring the fragrant life to those who do not prefer perfumes as well. I think that is the most important idea of this perfume. A person, who wasn’t able to use it, now has the opportunity to use superb-quality perfume. It is the perfume that will be launched tomorrow and the perfume public should watch it closely because of its impact. It is the major step forward for perfumery. The full review will come next week where you will be able to read about the core idea of this perfume!
Juraj, BL'eauOG

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Parfumerie Générale Isparta

Rose with no gender
Parfumerie Générale Isparta
Mutfuzade Ismail Efendi first brought the rose to Isparta from Bulgaria in the 1870s. He planted the first rose seed in the Gülcü neighborhood, and the first rose oil was produced in 1892. In 1935, the first modern rose oil workshop was set up in Isparta. Gardeners in the region grow 7.000 tons of roses each year that makes 60 percent of the world's roses. Rose d'été d'Isparta is the main ingredient of this perfume.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Ramón Monegal Dubai Next to Me

Monegal's workshop announced the new perfume gem
Ramon Monegal's new perfume


If you thought that the Barcelona and Geneve workshop were not preparing a surprise, you were wrong. There is a new perfume that will be launched next week in Dubai. Perfume is called Dubai Next to Me and it is a bespoke creation for Bloomingdale’s Dubai. I am really excited to try it because it is a totally new inspiration for Ramon Monegal. It was made upon the inspiration of Dubai itself. In particular, Monegal had 4 elements in his mind; the powdered land of rose and tonka, spices on the air, smoky fire of oud and frankincense and finally fruity vital water. The combination of the four should bring a new breath of creativity into the line of Monegal's perfumes. Monegal perfumery is a perfumery of understated elegance and the most beautiful classicism. Each creation was made as the potential classic to be worn as signature. There are no futuristic extravagance because each one is created as eternal perfume and the one must consider Monegal's heritage. He was thought by French classicist perfumers like Pierre Bourdon. By the description, the perfume sounds very intriguing and interesting and I can't wait to present you a full article about it.
Update: 3.4.2014.

The perfume review is here:

Here are the official perfume notes:

TOP NOTES – Fruity & spicy
Vitality & courageous: Coconut, peach and melon
Wisdom & nobility: Saffron, nutmeg and black pepper
MIDDLE NOTES – Floral and resinous
Lovely & sensual: Jasmine, rose oil and rose absolute
Solemnity & magic: Frankinsence and labdanum-cistus
BASE NOTES – Woody and leathery
Strength & serenity: Oud, sandalwood and cashmeran
Presence & perfection: Leather, tonka and ambraceme absolute

Juraj, BL'eauOG

Friday, February 14, 2014

Giulietta Capuleti ; Soul Drops

Few drops of this for your soul.
Giuletta Capuleti Soul Drops
Giulietta Capuleti Soul Drops

In The Federalist, James Madison, one of the framers of the Constitution in 1787., said „If men were angels, no gouvernment would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls would be necessary.” Even in this world, the touch of divine is evoked, it is necessary. Divine is beyond human comprehension, the mankind evokes it since our beginnings in various shapes and forms. In the olfactive meaning, the divine has come in the form of Soul Drops.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The best of 2013!

End of year always brings up the best of... 

The best perfumes of 2013.

As the previous year, this one was interesting too. Mainly because of some rearrangements of the formulations and pushing the boundaries of perfumes in the niche world, while mainstream perfumery lacks of imagination, bravery and creativity. The criteria for the following perfumes was to bring something new.