Monday, April 25, 2016

Laurent Mazzone Parfums Eaux de Toilette

Laurent's summer talismans!

Eaux de Toilette by LM Parfums

LM Parfums released a collection of toilette versions of the bestsellers. Black Oud, Sensual Orchid, Scandinavian Crime were originally made in Extract version, the finest quality of raw materials. Extract means that there are higher dozes of essences inside. LM Parfums is known for the high quality of raw materials and Extract versions. This time, LM released trio of Eaux de Toilette that are concentrated at 10% and in the packaging of 50ml. Laurent imagined this creations as the perfect travel companions for those who love the original versions, but are too strong for summertime. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Boy Chanel Perfume Review

Here it is ladies and gentleman, Boy Chanel Perfume!

Boy Chanel - new member of Les Exclusifs de Chanel

I was waiting for this one, oh yeah! As soon as I see that there is some fougère perfume coming out, I turn all crazy because it is my favorite perfume pyramid! Whatever Chanel produces, it is instantly famous because it is Chanel, but never the less, there are always high expectations and uncompromising quality.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

La Parfumerie Moderne review

The modern perfumery 

La Parfumerie Moderne by BL'eauOG
La Parfumerie Moderne is the reminiscence of one boy's memories. A line of four perfumes where neither one has upper hand, but each one of them captivates with the beauty and splendor of the perfume compositions. Each one of them belongs to separate olfactive composition with uniqueness and seductive core. That is why I felt in love with them.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adjatay The Different Company

Narcotic and sweet leather scent

Adjatay The Different Company

Collection Juste Chic has got richer for one perfume - Adjatay. It is the latest release by The Different Company and it was launched in Milan, at Esxence perfume fair. It belongs to the floral-leather olfactory family with sensual and elegant sillage.

I love The Different Company and their perfumes because in some of them I found purity of scent and raw materials. This is the first time that I am smelling the composition of tuberose and leather and that makes it narcotic. Adjatay is the name from Africa and it is a royal name. The inspiration describes this perfume very well:

"I brought this tuberose flower back from Grasse and forgot her in an unpretentious black leather bag. She refused to give in and for days her stubborn warmth strive to bring the leathery silky animal notes of my worn out bag back to life."  The perfumer, Alexandra Monet did a perfect job because, first of all, it is highly original and you can't find tuberose and leather easily, and secondly, it is carnal and sensual. Beside leather and tuberose, you can find styrax, castoreum and papyrus tones. 

Not one of the raw materials have the upper hand. It is very interesting perfume blend between the strong notes. Dark, raw, smoky leather is mixed with sweet tuberose. Those two materials make it sexy, sensual, narcotic.. Beautiful and original creation.

Juraj, BL'eauOG


Costarela by Carner Barcelona

Beach, sand, you & me... 

Carner Barcelona Costarela
At the latest Esxence in Milan, Catalunian Spanish brand, Carner Barcelona, released Costarela. That is the newest edition to the existing line of Carner perfumes. 

I was lucky enough to shortly meet Joaquim Carner, the brother of the brand owner and incredible manager, Mister Francisco Gratacos who is already known to a larger public. Carner Barcelona continues to create in its own way, following the tradition and the philosophy of the brand. Carner is all about Spanish beauty and flirtatious atmosphere. Every single fragrance is an invitation to the special mood of elegance.

The core of Costarela is slightly announced with its own name. It is all about Costa Brava and the beach mood. I was, few years ago, in Costa Brava and around Barcelona. I had fabulous time, especially during the evening when I was on the beach with my friends and guitar was playing. Costarela smells of warm sand, bronzed skin, and golden dust. It also has refreshing marine notes that are transparent and pale. 

Carner created nice, luminous refreshing perfume for even more beautiful evening strolls by the sea.

Juraj, BL'eauOG

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fan Your Flames & Hundred Silent Ways by Nishane

Nishane goes on, in Milan, they presented two extracts

Fan Your Flames & Hundred Silent Ways

New, refreshing, creative and charismatic, the creators of Nishane Istanbul, Mister Murat Katran and Mister Mert Guzel, presented two new extracts at the Milano Exscence perfume fair. Both inspired by the Rumi's philosophies, but both gorgeous as usual. I like one better than the other one, but that is just the matter of taste. 

Magnolia Nuit by Quintessence Paris

Luxurious spring atmosphere with elegant magnolia

Magnolia Nuit by Quintessence Paris

Before, I was thinking how to perfectly scent the home and to have the ambiance that I want. All of a sudden, I discovered Quintessence Paris by chance when I entered Sens Unique in Paris. Soon enough, Quintessence became my favorite candle brand. At the Milano Esxcence show, they presented a new candle called Magnolia Nuit. Perfect spring scent. 

Masque Fragranze Attesa

Eternal beauty with elegant scent trail in the air

L'Attesa by Masque Fragranze

Unstoppable creativity and unlimited passion is a guarantee for uniqueness and success. At every major perfume fair, Masque Fragranze releases a new perfume. This time, they presented L'Attesa, the perfume that respires with elegance and beauty. A remarkable composition.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Boy Chanel perfume

The new member of the Les Exclusifs Family 

Boy Chanel perfume

 Les Exclusifs de Chanel uskoro ima novog clana parfemske obitelji. Novi parfem BOY CHANEL je dostupan u pariskom ducanu u cetvrti Le Marais, dok na svjetsko trziste dolazi u lipnju ove godine!

Les Exclusifs de Chanel will have the new member of the perfume family. New perfume BOY CHANEL is already available in the world's premiere in Le Marais shop, while it will be released for the global market in June this year!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Iris Nazarena Aedes de Venustas

The smoothness of iris and suede leather... 

Aedes de Venustas Iris Nazarena
Nicely ironed shirts, beautiful sartorial suits, polished shoes, leather briefcases and the noise in the Madison Avenue. Beautiful women and men are going to work while the smell of suede leather and powdery iris lingers in the air. Aedes de Venustas is a perfume that I imagine on the Madison Avenue or in the offices of the Wall Street. So elegant, so smooth and so beautiful perfume. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

1805 Tonnerre BeauFort London

England's evening spark...

1805 Tonnerre BeauFort
Already a poem, the Battle of Trafalgar is a national legend. The source of pride and English identity now has its own perfume. Orginally named 1805 in the beginning and now known as 1805 Tonnerre, is the perfume that celebrates glorious day on 2&st of October 1805. The perfume that brings you an olfactive battle just under the nose. 

How smashing this perfume is! Ahoy, ahoy,hear the rhum song perfume pirates because this is a grog (rhum) perfume. There is a sharp citrus in the opening that bursts out from the composition and mixes with impeccable gunpowder dust. This is my favorite gunpowder effect I have ever smelled! If you look at the official olfactive pyramid, you will see that blood is listed as one of the main notes. Trust me, you will not feel it at all. Rhum and woods play the main role in the heart of the perfume with salty feeling. The smell of this perfume is like a rhum barrel floating near the shore after the shipwreck. When you pull it out to enjoy what's inside, you smell the salty sea breeze, wet wood and intoxicating rhum. Dry down is balsamic and generous, very long lasting with dusty tones. 

Battle of Trafalgar couldn't have more beautiful fragrant hommage. Spanish Armada opposed to the Royal Navy under the legendary command of Lord Nelson. Heroic victory is curved into English history and Nelson became an icon. You can find the chain of the anchor of his ship in Zagreb, in Gornji Grad, near the Galerija Lav art gallery. Zagreb is the perfect spot to wear this remarkable masterpiece. Hip hip hooray! 

Juraj, BL'eauOG   

Sunday, March 13, 2016

House of Matriarch : Orca, trillium & Coco Blanc

In the world of artisan fragrances!

House of Matriarch Orca

I have heard about House of Matriarch and I wondered how do they smell like. The perfume community went crazy about some of their scents. It is been a long time since I noticed that brand and I finally have it just under my nose. In the Northern American continent, that type of perfume houses, they called it "indie". To Europeans, that would be an artisan brand made by craftsmen, what perfumery actually is. House of Matriarch is famous American perfume label, known for the creativity of the perfumer and creative director, Christi Meshell. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beaufort London Vi et Armis

Vi et Armis is a voyage to British Empire colony, where the trade was happening

BeauFort London Vi et Armis
You have absolutely no idea how it is to describe this fragrance. It is so unique and unusual that it offers what niche is all about - an experience. This olfactive experience can take you to various imaginary places. It starts full of spices and very, very unusual until it settles down on the skin into warm, soft base.

The word about BeauFort spreads like the Nike AirMax in the FootLocker stores. Even Luca Turin dedicated a space to this creation which you can read online. Indeed, this is a remarkable creation, like the whole brand in general. Niche market was craving for BeauFort because it critically lacked extraordinary and original creations. Finally, here they are, in the bottles of BeauFort.

Cierge de Lune Aedes de Venustas

Contemporary Baroque perfume house releases new fragrance!

Cierge de Lune Aedes de Venustas

Cool and limpid as moonlit desert air. Velvety and sensuous as the midnight sky. Inspired by the scent of the mysterious night-blooming cereus, also known as the Queen of the Night, Aedes de Venustas, sixth offering unveils the dark side of vanilla.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Histoires de Parfums 1875 & Noir Patchouli

Like a violin, this duo sings more than one thousand of songs

Noir Patchouli
Being a person interested in history, this is my natural surrounding. Histoires de Parfums fascinates me since the beginning of my fragrant adventures. There is nothing more beautiful than the splendid interpretation of some scent. Many words have been told about perfumes, that it evokes emotions, images in head, but no perfume evoke so beautiful interpretation and poetry. That is why I felt in love with Histoires de Parfums.