Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas favorites

Like for every Christmas so far, I have chosen few perfumes that
suits the occasion in my opinion.
BL'eauOG's Christmas perfumes

Last year, I remember very well, I concentrated on vanilla and amber based perfumes but I realised I would need to think thoroughly what are actually the scents of Christmas except the cinnamon, hot wine and sausages. Therefore, after I do my research in ethnology and folklorisation, I could give empiric proposition of Xmas scents. For now, I am letting you to view what I personally consider as something suitable for the occasion!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pierre Guillaume création : Bois Naufragé & Bois de Copaïba

The creations of the mastermind that surpassed the classics. In this article,
Bois Naufragé and Bois d Copaïba are compared to Diptyque Phylosikos and
Guerlain L'Heure Bleue
Bois Naufragé & Bois de Copaïba

Parfumerie Générale at the beginning was a small perfume house centered around the vision of a one man, Pierre Guillaume. Today, he still runs his own perfume brand but two things changed: first, he can be called a Master perfumer because the creations he makes are at the same level as of the perfumer who finished Givaudan, ISIPCA, IFF or any other great school. Second, Parfumerie Générale is not a small perfume house any more. Therefore, I am comparing this two perfumes with the known classics of famous perfume brands.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Epine Mortelle : première par Laurent Mazzone Parfums

The house of Laurent Mazzone is spoiling us by beautiful creations, but this
time, there is something different...
Laurent Mazzone Epine Mortelle

The house of Laurent Mazzone is really rising more and more, each year there are new perfumes and new extracts of perfumes. After the success of Army of Lovers, this is the newest release that will be finished with the production on 15th of December and released by the beggining of 2015. Saying that, this is a review "avant-première". Also, it is not only about being a new perfume, Epine Mortelle is bringing something new to the perfume palette of LM Parfums.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

MDCI Parfums Invasion Barbare - invasion of spices

I waited a long time for this moment - to write about MDCI Parfums
and the beauty of fougere creation of Invasion Barbare!
MDCI Parfums - the bottle of Invasion Barbare with sculpture

I waited a long time to write about the MDCI Parfums and finally I have to opportunity to review the whole line but I also need to say that the beauty of this brand lies behind the scene, in the figure of the founder of the brand - Claude Marchal. Invasion Barbare is representative of the fougere group and, certainly, it is one of the most beautiful fougers on the market currently.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bottega Profumiera - beauty with no time limit

Bottega Profumiera - the new generation of the Italian perfume making that
 represents Italian beauty on very simple and clear way...


Bottega Profumiera perfume line


Today it is very hard to make a perfume brand due to various reasons. It is even harder to stay within the limits of niche perfumery because of the market competition. That's why it is necessary to appreciate the perfume brand that nurtures its own identity and the heritage it wants to create. That is why I would like to highlight Bottega Profumiera as something modern, but at the same time, something old - some ideas the brand would like to preserve from history, from the lost era. It is a story told through beautiful perfumes that are based on extremely natural raw ingredients and very luminous compositions that are simple, yet creative.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Interview with a niche brand 1907 - meet the new brand

After the presentation of the new perfume brand from Slovakia, I am very
honored to welcome the interview with charming Evka, the person behind
the perfume brand...
1907 photo in Sens Unique Paris

In last article you had the opportunity to read my impression and my opinion about the new perfume brand launched in Slovakia and city of Kosice. The house 1907 is run by, I have full liberty to say, charming Evka Skovranova whose dreams are coming true and she is the one who answered the questions. This time, you have the opportunity to read their story and what 1907 actually is. I would not like to prolong it, so I will let you to enjoy reading.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin - the new "rouge"

A perfume with the strength of a man, but with the power of a woman.
 A new type of masculine vision.
The vision of Santal Carmin by Atelier Cologne


Atelier Cologne's Santal Carmin is a perfume that connects two types of traditions - first of all, it is a cologne which symbolizes very old perfume pyramid and second, this perfume in particular, brings the contemporary aesthetics. Atelier Cologne is a perfume house that dedicated its own philosophy to cologne's only but with various and modern approaches. Santal Carmin is definitively very modern creation that is appealing with its soft Woody tones and slight powdery sillage that flows in the air.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bottega Profumiera Galantuomo - meet the gentleman

Dear readers, please meet the gentleman with impeccable charme and
 the suit made-to-measure...
Bottega Profumiera Galantuomo

Bottega Profumiera is not a new perfume brand but rather a perfume house that waits to be discovered. It is Italian niche perfume house based in Rome managed by Monsieur Maurizio and the line is composed of 6 different perfumes with 6 separate inspirations. Today, I will be talking about Galantuomo, a perfume for which I think it is beyond "galant" and beyond sophistication - it is a perfume that is a symbol of one of Aristotel's virtues and that is the perfect raison d'être. In its freshness is very nice balanced, enough to give the opulence at the same time and sophistication.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Laurent Mazzone Army of Lovers - Army of Decadence

Let me present you one of the "dirtiest" perfumes released recently,
the smell of decadence is here...
Army of Lovers

One of the fastest growing perfume brands in November released the latest perfume to its collection. But this time, the story and atmosphere of the perfume is different than previous perfumes. Why is it different? Laurent Mazzone is a very emotional person and I personally believe that LM is all about "emotional perfumery" - based on life impressions. Laurent had interesting life and one of his love is music. Army of Lovers is a perfume based on the image of famous Scandinavian group also called "Army of Lovers" - this is all about decadence, free will and ultimate opulence.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Discover the love story : L'Eau de Shah Jahan par Nicolas de Barry

This is the story of how powerful love can be and how it can
inspire deep and bold perfume creation
L'Eau de Shah Jahan par Nicolas de Barry
One of the most beautiful rendez-vous happened in Paris because the perfume lover like me discovered a perfume house dedicated only to historic creations and perfume heritage. It was a beautiful call where I met Maître parfumeur Eddy Blanchet, associate of Nicolas de Barry in their atelier-perfumery in 32, rue Montmorency. The whole atmosphere inside is dedicated to preserve the tradition of the glorious perfume creations. I also need to admit that Monsieur Blanchet is one of the most pleasant co-talkers since his knowledge about history is enormous. Blanchet's creativity didn't stop in the history only since he created his own line of Maltese perfumes but you can read about that in future posts. Today, I am focusing on the Nicolas de Barry line of perfumes - those are œuvres de parfums dedicated to charismatic historic personalities who left a trace in history. Shah Jahan is the man who built Taj Mahal in India in honor to love he had with Mumtaz Mahal.