Thursday, July 2, 2015

Evody Blanc de Sienne

Beautiful Italian inspiration

Evody Parfums Blanc de Sienne

 Evody released recently their new perfume dedicated to one of the eternal inspirations – Tuscany and its heart, the city of Sienna! Collection d’Ailleurs has a beautiful new member of the family that followed also the new bottles and new packaging. The scent itself is maybe one of the most beautiful of the line!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nishane Istanbul - Turkish luxury

Nishane Istanbul - make your own story with their abundant perfume oils!

Nishane Istanbul

Istanbul – the city always in the middle between Europe and Asia. Its mentality is always between European and Asian part. The latter belongs to the left or European bank of Istanbul where the one can find skyscrapers, business zone and luxury stores while the former part or the right bank of Bosporus represents Istanbul as it once was – small and privet-owned shops with the real Turkish coffee, traditional food and more conservative daily life. Upon this images, you can discover Nishane, the first ever Turkish niche perfume brand offering good quality oils, but above all, European scents with Turkish twist. That is their magic.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Abel organics - drinkable perfumes !

One of the coolest perfume brands recently!
Abel's Vintage '13 and Tonic

There is a new brand in the block and it is time for you to check it out because it is very cool and innovative, not something you can come around often. Abel Organics is very contemporary perfume brand that plays with our imagination but is also giving some new standards to the perfumery and the spirit that we live, actually, in some new age. The two perfumes from this brand are completely organic and therefore – drinkable! So, you really need to sip responsibly!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Initio Parfums - olfactive world on the edge of light

Welcome to the initiation!
Initio Parfums Privés
Very rarely a perfume brand produces so electrified reaction because of its mystery, good concept and above all, with the quality of juice inside of bottle. While I had the initiation of Initio perfumes, I had tingles on my skin because I found several diamonds with unique smell. This is a new perfume brand so let me take you throughout their world because it is worth of attention.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Evody Parfums - D'Âme de Pique

Coup de foudre!

Evody Collection d'Ailleurs in Sens Unique

I’ve never written before about one perfume brand that is still within the margins of the niche world and it is called Evody. They keep their real niche profile still, without pompous commercials and marketing. Can something be bad if it is founded by two women?

I have found my precious nectar within the line of Evody perfumes and it is called D’Âme de Pique that belongs to the Collection d’Ailleurs. It is a collection composed of 4 perfumes dedicated to distant places of Earth, beauty of nature and cultural diversity. I found it as the most interesting Evody’s perfume to me personally.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MDCI Cio Cio San - the newest perfume review

The fragile beauty of spiritualism.
Cio Cio San at Sens Unique Paris
There are some periods of a year when there is a rush of new perfumes and the one needs to distinguish what could be groundbreaking. I’ve been walking today around Paris due to the changing weather all the time but I had a goal in my mind and that was to walk off to the Sens Unique and to smell the newest MDCI perfume called Cio Cio San. My quest was not in vain because I found beautiful soft scent inside the bottle that transmits gorgeous floral bouquet, some fruits and especially, beautiful peony. I started to realize that Mister Claude Marchal actually likes all things beautiful.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eutopie - 3 new perfumes

Let's fall in love with Paris and Eutopie perfumes

New perfumes by Eutopie

One of the greatest pleasurers is to meet beautiful Elodie Pollet. I have been attracted by her perfume brand long before because "Eutopie" is a political term coined in the 1516. in England by sir Thomas More who wrote the book called "De Optimo Reipublicae Statu deque Nova Insula Utopia". In other words "utopia" means the ideal society, i.e., that is his own vision how the state should be organized. Since I am political scientist, that was the reason I was interested in Eutopie long before. Elodie is one very charming and gentle person who recently launched her new 3 perfumes inspired by a very original idea – by the beautiful gardens around Paris. It's an interesting ode to specific culture of cultivating beautiful things through soft notes of herbs, geranium, labdanum, patchouli, cedar wood and galbanum, among other raw materials.  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Phaedon Tabac Rouge : lyrisme total

Moi, je suis (Juraj) personnellement un fan de travail de Pierre Guillaume et ses créations, mais, je ne me trouve seul. J’ai invité un personnage spécial pour cette occasion – une personne passionnée plongée dans le bassin de l’histoire et de l’art. Aujourd’hui, j’ai le plaisir de vous présenter Monsieur Mathias Jordan. Un homme charismatique qui a trouvé son amour dans le flacon de Tabac Rouge. C’est pourquoi vous pouvez voire une passion sur le parfum, merci Mathias !   

Phaedon Paris Tabac Rouge
Il est sur cette terre des lieux sublimes, comme les librairies – ou les parfumeries. Il est sur cette terre des objets magnifiques, comme les livres – ou les flacons de parfum. Il est sur cette terre de la beauté – que renferment livres et parfums – avec ses histoires, ses souvenirs, ses hommes. Ses paysages et ses couleurs, ses brumes merveilleuses d’images. Là-haut, sur l’étagère à gauche de l’entrée, il faut pouvoir l’attraper. Il me le fait découvrir. La fiole est simple, brune d’un bois laqué transparent. Elle m’a séduite, une fois suffisait.
Et je voyage par l’effluve superbe.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ramon Monegal Monbloom

The newest splendor or Ramon's oriental creations
Monbloom (copyright of Bloomingdale's Dubai)

Master perfumer and the Maître savonnier made his newest creation exclusively limited for Dubai and Bloomingdale's. They already had one beautiful collaboration called Dubai Next To Me. Monbloom is different, new scent, original and opulent.
I think he showed his knowledge with this creation. Perfume was inspired by oriental dancer from Spain and her mouvements that were sensual and exotic. Secondly, he showed the beauty and potential of the dry down. That is Myrurgia heritage - the dry down that can be compared with dry down of famous Guerlain Paris. Monbloom starts floral, notably with tuberose and creamy but ends up in fusion of amber, vanilla and musk. This perfume express the beauty of elegance! Congratulations to Ramon Monegal!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Collection Croisière - new and different Pierre Guillaume

The collection dedicated to personal inspiration and voyages, but especially
highlighted with unusual and different rwa materials

Collection Croisière
 As I have been writing before, I am a fan of Pierre Guillaume and his work. He is most famous for his Parfumerie Générale line of perfumes because it was strange in debut but later, acclaimed by the perfume critics. Although his creations were not intended for Paris, I can say that he is one very well acclaimed perfumer and appreciated among circles in biggest French city. This time, he has created completely new line, a line composed of 8 perfumes of which, 4 are available now and 4 will be launched one by one. Welcome the new collection – Collection Croisière. Perfumes inspired by long travels whether by boat, by foot or by airplane. Creations that are centered on new molecules and the theme are aquatic-green tones.