Friday, February 27, 2015

Tom 1 La Pureté for Her by Zadig & Voltaire by Taisiya Filina

соблазнительная невинность чистоты
La Pureté by Zadig & Voltaire

Силуэт крыльев,  распростертых на белом фоне...  Падший ангел на флаконе нежного, оригинального аромата Tome 1 La Pureté FOR HER марки Zadig & Voltaire переносит нас в мир, где на берегу колдовского озера людей охватывают самые прекрасные и противоречивые чувства, бушуют самые сильные бури  и разбиваются судьбы. Открывая книгу-упаковку, в которую вложен флакон этого изысканного аромата, как будто открываешь текст гениальной "Чайки" А. Чехова.  Вдохновение, искренность, красота мечты Нины Заречной и крошечный нюанс - маленький черный ангел - в напоминание о ее несбыточности... Чистота, невинность и одновременно притягательность, соблазнительность звучат в уникальном букете этого парфюма : флердоранж, пион, бергамот подготавливают нас к восприятию сердца аромата, в котором слились жасминовый чай, миндальное молочко и бобы тонка. И завершающий аккорд  - базовые ноты белого мускуса и гуаякового дерева.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Parfumerie Générale Djhenné : 50 nuances du bois

50 nuances du bois
Parfumerie Générale Djhenné

 Je vous présent aujourd’hui un parfum qui était dans l’ombre, mais complètement injustifié ! Ce n’est pas le secret que Pierre Guillaume est l’un de mes préfères parfumeurs car il crée les parfums sans compromis. Je viens de trouver un nouveau parfum de lui pour mon nez, c’est le Djhenné, un parfum sans compromis !

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Avant garde mouvement - A Lab on Fire

Biology is not destiny
There are many cities and many laboratories, but What We Do In Paris Is Secret by A Lab On Fire

 To enter the world of contemporary perfumery is quite easy, but to understand them, it is much more difficult. Nowadays, due to the process of globalization and dependent relationships, the flow of goods makes them universally accessible. As the result, the free flow can result in large market with various goods that are similar. How to avoid depreciation, many managers ask themselves. To be new, radical, anonymous, contemporary, and smart is something that will most probably have an impact. Just being different makes you a bit more special. I chose one of my favorite perfume brands, A Lab on Fire to interpret throughout the avant-garde movement in perfumery.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Chanel Misia - Les Exclusifs de Chanel

New perfume by Chanel!
Chanel Misia

The new Chanel will be out very soon and it already looks promising because after a years of being taught by his father, this is the first Chanel's perfume made by the perfumer Olivier Polge!

Olivier's father, Jaques Polge has created and reformulated all the Chanel perfumes you are wearing right now, starting with No. 5, creating Chance, Bleu de Chanel... Jacques Polge is already a legend of perfumery because of his success in Chanel. He is the one who brought back to life Les Exclusifs line of perfumes. That line is dedicated to finest raw materials and brave compositions. Olivier Polge, his son, belongs to the generation of the most talented perfumers and that is what makes Misia very attractive! I am sure this will be a big success by Olivier Polge!

Misia is a name of a lady who was in the society of Coco Chanel and she was a piano player. From Chanel, they announce that the perfume smells of expensive make-up and that it is based on three types of roses!

Chanel will make a big presentation of this perfume, including one very special event in Zagreb, Croatia where everything will be around Misia!

Juraj, BL'eauOG

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Technique Indiscrete trio - Monarchy, Safran Nobile and Veloutine

From the laboratory of Belgian perfumer, I have chosen three favorites...
Louison Libertin - the perfumer of the brand

Technique Indiscrete is a small perfume house based in Belgium since their perfumer, Monsieur Louison Libertin is a Belgian who made quite a lot of hommages to his country. Technique Indiscrete is relatively unknown niche house that keeps the profile of niche philosophy only. Therefore, it is possible to find it only in small number of stores. Moreover, every perfume of the house is a good product of craftsmanship and artisan ability. I chose three perfumes of the line which I like very much and I would like to share them with you!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Get a candle as a gift !

Atelier Cologne is still in the festive mood!
Get a candle as a present!!
The French-based perfume house is still in a festive mood and they are spreading positive vibes all year round! It seems that Atelier Cologne doesn't lack the good energy and the will to take care of us, the perfume lovers. This time, they would like to surprise us with a beautiful gift - with every purchase of Cologne Absolue 100 ml, 200 ml, one Ecrin or one Coffret you will recieve their perfumed candle as a gift, to make your living ambient more cozy and, what is important, more perfumed.
I think this is a nice surprise for cold or rainy winter days because I am personally inspired by candles and the fire inspires me more than anything else. That is probably our primordial instinct that we still posess. It seems that Prometheus did a good thing by giving us the knowledge of fire.
All you need to do is to enter this code while on Atelier Cologne's site: BL'EAUOGABSOLUE and your candle will arrive along with your Cologne.
I hope you will be happy with this offer while I will start to get inspired for a new perfume story!
Juraj, BL'eauOG

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Masque Fragranze Russian Tea review - pure rapsody

The splendor of creation is the combination of
magnificent ingredients!
Masque Fragranze Russian Tea

In the last Pitti 2014, Masque set up the new scene. It is the scene number lll of the lst act and so far, it is their best chapter and their best story. Not smelling this perfume, every perfume afficionado lacks additional experience of unusual yet perfect combination of several perfume notes. In a school, you have an obligatory books to read about, this perfume is "a must" for your nose to smell it for your own olfactive experience.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Parfums Caron - From the debut to the Millesime 2014

Who could challenge the history and the story of Caron Paris? Let me reveal
you the story of Caron Paris.
The house of Caron

Parfums Caron are celebrating a big anniversary this year - it is the 80th anniversary of the mythic Pour Un Homme, one of the most emblematic perfumes for men ever made. For that occasion, Caron decided to make a special version to celebrate the enduring existence of that perfume, it is called Pour Un Homme Millesime 2014. Also, I would not like to talk only about Millesime perfume because there are many great things that Caron has. I will use the sources that Caron specially published in Paris Match journal - interviews with Monsieur Romain Alès, president of the parfums Caron and Richard Fraysse. Those are big names published in national press, therefore, the data extracted from them is of the utmost quality.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradis + discover the line for 50% off !

Atelier Cologne is going to celebrate its 5th aniversary and to mark
that occasion, they will treat us with a new perfume...
Atelier Cologne's new scent

This March, Atelier Cologne is preparing a new perfume that will be addition to their Original Line that already counts 7 colognes. Original Ligne is composed of fruity and hesperidic notes - it means that it is mostly composed of agrumes in opening notes. Some may consider Eau de Cologne as a weak composition, but not in this case because Atelier Cologne pumps up the percentage of their colognes up to 15% - 20%.
Atelier Cologne is a perfume house based in Paris, founded by the two authors - Sylvie Ganter and Cristophe Cervasel who would like to reincarnate the colognes only. They have made one successful story, their Atelier is no known worldwide and it seems like they gave a new breath to the "cologne world". My personal favorite is Santal Carmin which you may discover here - Santal Carmin Review.
Pomelo Paradis is a special creation that will be celebrated for the 5th anniversary of this perfume house. It seems that the anniversary is a perfect occasion to reveal the love story: "Was he a fool to drive all night just for a chance to see her? Perhaps it was adrenaline and the lack of sleep, but as he pictured moments they had been together, the word destiny stuck in his mind. The coral sunrise burned bright and he drove faster. There was no choice but to see her again". I am personally the same type of person and I do have the same characteristics, I would drive to see someone. Something tells me that this is a story between the two founders of the perfume house...

Perfume notes:
Top notes: Pink pomelo from Florida mandarin from Calabria blackcurrant bud from Burgundy
Heart notes: Moroccan orange blossom Bulgarian rose essence mint from China
Base notes: Vetiver from Haiti iris from Tuscany amber
Discover the perfume here:
Get a present from Atelier Cologne ! 
I would like to remind you, if you are interested into discovering the line, you can get it for 10EUR instead 20EUR. All you need to do is to type in BL'EAUOG while purchasing and you will get all the samples of Atelier Cologne for 50% off!
Juraj, BL'eauOG

Monday, December 29, 2014

The best perfumes of 2014

The overview of 2014 is here!
2014 was a fertile year for our noses and olfactory senses. Beauty industry does not know about economic crisis and it was the only industry in surplus during the recession period. There are some gems of perfumery I think every nose should smell. The palette is quite long - from light and refreshing to deep and opulent perfumes. The choice was not so hard as I thought it would be.