Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Parfumerie Generale Cozé : be cozy for the winter time

The flagship of Parfumerie Generale perfumes!

Parfumerie Generale Coze

When we talk about Parfumerie Generale perfumes, we are talking about free spirit and beautiful imagination of Pierre Guillaume. The way he translates his creativity into perfumes is simply beautiful. Because of that I think some of his perfumes need to be understood completely. Cozé is a warm perfume with dry and balsamic notes and with unusual mix of chocolate, coffee fuse, flame, vanilla and canopy sativa seed oil (Chanvre Indien). Canopy reminds me a lot of hasish with its distinctive scent and I can't imagine more suitable winter perfume than this. Beautiful composition to warm you up during cold days. 

Pierre Guillaume

I've told many times that I honor Pierre Guillaume as one of the best and most creative perfumers nowadays. He seems to know what he is doing with his creativity and I think he made a separate niche within niche. Parfumerie Generale was made in 2002 based on his chemistry and creative passion. At the same time he made a wonderful thing putting only numbers on his bottles. Numbers do not have neither gender or sex, those are just numbers and it's only up to individuals to discover whether they like something or not. By exploring new process such as "photo-affinage", photo-refining or smoothing olfactory peaks by ultraviolet radiation, his creations are imprinted with a vibrant and melancholic feel. The best example of such technology is Cozé because it offers unique experience. Cozé has complex formula but the result is beautiful. It is the flagship of PG line. Dry and smoky notes the one can find here are unique because there is no much perfumes like this. The "signature" of Pierre Guillaume and his complex notes are one of characteristics of PG line. Octavian Sever Coifan praised Pierre Guillaume's work as the renaissance of modern perfumery. I believe that is true because, like I said, Pierre created niche within niche. His perfumes are particular and they need to be understood. Those are very individual creations with uncommon aesthetics and perfume notes. The progress he did is amazing, especially with two new PG perfumes introduced at Pitti Fragranze. 

Parfumerie Generale

Christmas holidays are approaching very fast and that is one of the reasons why is Cozé presented now. The perfume has prominent cinnamon and dry notes that are reminding me of hot wine spices and of everything that surrounds Christmas atmosphere. Chanvre Indien is very dry and it releases the scent of red dust and warm smoky roots that are mixed with minerals. Chanvre Indien has many facets and it is simply beautiful to see how Pierre managed to use it. Finally, the perfume note starts to evoke the scent of dry, smoky and red clay that exhales the dust. Second important perfume note is the mixture of chocolate and coffee. Chocolate is more dominant and more opulent than the coffee but the two notes complement each other. Chocolate is in accordance with Chanvre while coffee gives the soft touch of gourmand atmosphere. The heart of the perfume is very opulent, eatable, smoky, dry, thick. It is composed of heavy notes with strong concentration. Finally, the base notes are composed of dry ebony wood that is reminiscent of smoke and patchouli which is very earthy. Patchouli is unconvenient because it represents earthy minerals in this composition while usually has mint accord. The last note that tries to soften up the composition is bourbon vanilla that matches perfectly. There are only hints of vanilla just to break up extreme dry notes and to give in sweet and soft, eatable touch. Cozé is one of the most interesting scents I've come across so far because it is has extreme dry notes that are resembling brown dust. I would say that it belongs to expressionism by its aesthetics because only expressionism offered so much opulent and heavy notes. Those are dominant scents with overpowering perfume notes. The perfume is about beauty, uniqueness, individuality, opulence and dominance - magnifique.

What do you think of Parfumerie Generale line? Or any other PG perfumes?

Juraj, BL'eauOG


Artistic Impression: Very good
Direction: Expressionism
Type: woody - oriental 
Quality of the raw materials: Very good 
Note: The perfume resembling cannabis, dry clay and drown dust. Extreme dry notes resembling dominance. 


  1. Lovely post. I adore Parfumerie Generale. My favourite is Papyrus de Ciane. it is the darkest, greenest meditation on moss that I have smelled anywhere.

    1. Hello Krista,

      It's so nice to hear from you again! It's been a while! :)

      I adore them too! They are so beautiful and unique to me! I like Papyrus de Ciane but not as much as Coze or Aomassai or even Cuir Venenum. The absinth and leather are so weird and kinky... I am so glade there is somebody that loves PG line!

      Did you find Papyrus de Ciane similar in the heart notes to By Kilian Cruel Intentions maybe?

  2. toliko mi se svidio Aomassai da ne prestajem razmišljati o njemu; stvarno dobar miris;

    1. Da, jako je dobar! Mješavina kave, čokolade i toplih drvenih nota te vrućeg kamenja... Meni je također vrlo interesantan!
      Ispričavam se što kasnije odgovaram!