Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LM Hard Leather review

The firework of dry sandalwood, boozy leather and animal oud.

This is my photo of how I imagine LM Hard Leather

You know what I like about LM Parfums? They are so opulent that it is almost impossible to compare them to anything except some classics. They are so rich and generous that they astonish me every time. Laurent Mazzone is the one we should thank for. His inspirations for creating scents are indeed inspirational because he finds them in music or lyrics or in his past. The outcome is the most important for us, the perfume afficionados and for me, I am always surprised how the next release can be more opulent than the previous one. Hard Leather was a Christmas 2014 release and it has the feeling of decadent celebration in itself.

LM Parfums are about classicism as their premise. Actually, each one has a classic modern structure which means that they adopted the best from the past and added what works today. The same is with Hard Leather and the result is brilliant because this is one of the most beautiful oriental compositions so far and the competition in that sector is really dangerous. Hard Leather is a firework of oriental woods such as sandalwood, vetiver and oud. Incredible notes of patchouli, resinous olibanum and boozy leather are here to make it very opulent and to create lust. Excatly! Hard Leather produces the lust in me and therefore, that is why I think the photo I made is the good depiction of what the perfume is all about. Please, take notice that this is a polite photo only. I think that oriental-based-perfume lovers could find what they're searching for. It is based on the most beautiful sandalwood so far and it has kinky twist of booze and leather.

It is hard to be calm and cold-blooded when it comes to this perfume because it produces tingles and excitement. But excatly that is the idea of a perfume, its raison d'etre. Therefore, I regard perfumes as a piece of art because the same idea is in other artistic forms, especially in the paintings of famous autors. Opening of the Hard Leather is spectacular because your nose is bombarded with various dry notes of earth, dust, smoke and warmness. The note in the fore is boozy leather but most fellow fragrance writers didn't mention patchouli since it is very important inside. Patchouli provides earthy and rooty smell of minerals and dust, it is in very beautiful herbal form. The opening later transforms to the smell of beautful, gorgeus sandalwood and oud. It is a complete sex in this phase. It is smoky, earthy, dry and warm - something incredible. It is like a predator that sits in the dark corner in the living room of a Villa in which are all the paintings, wine bar and where the fire crackles. You can find beautiful sandalwood in Lorenzo Villoresi's Sandalo but in here is much more drier. In the dry down is warm, completely animal oud with resinous galbanum with the leftovers of  soft sandalwood and leather.

With the kinky and perverse feeling inside of a perfume, I think it is one of the best of LM line. Kinky note can be made only by the French, remember YSL's Kouros or modern Etat Libre d'Orange line. It is completely 'French' perfume with beautiful, animal and warm notes of oud and superb, superb sandalwood. It is something a perfume lover should try out because the perfume connects the French heritage with Oriental modernism. 

Juraj, BL'eauOG

Impression: Excellent
Type: Oriental woody
Main notes: Boozy leather, patchouli (earthy), sandalwood (ultra-dry), oud, galbanum
Note: Impressive perfume full of complexity and kinky feeling, make sure to try it  


  1. I liked Hard Leather when I tested it but it's a little bit too masculine for me to wear it. In drydown it reminded me of Armani Prive Cuir Noir.

    1. I adore it! Completely my type of scent... I love heavy woods and intoxicating leather ;) I never tried Armani Privée line though..